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We provide essential esoteric testing to the adult talent community.
Through the process of automation and innovation we have been able to provide:

Efficient turnaround times.
Virtual accessibility to testing reports.
Convenient draw locations.


It's simple!. Just sign up as a user, select a convenient location and get tested!
You will have the ability to:

Check your testing reports online.
Opt-In / Opt-Out specific producers/agents so that your results are posted automatically on their own dashboard.
Automatic reminders for when your next test date is due.


We provide you with your own personal dashboard where you will be able to see a historical and most up-to-date talent testing information. If you don't have a Dashboard, contact us so that we can set one up – It's Free!

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Our results are accepted by

EA Enterprises (Producer)
XRAY VIDEO (Producer) LLC (Producer)
JuxLii / Studio42 (Producer)
Dark Focus Photo (Producer)
Guyinism, LLC. (Producer)
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What are people saying? Thousands of Talents and Producers/Agents are using our services.

I went to a drawing facility in Arizona after I had paid online for the test. It was the location TTS gave me that was closest to my house. I couldn't go over the weekend because of labor day, so it was about 4-5 days after the fax was sent to this facility. I walked in and told the lady that I was sent by TTS for the STD testing and that they should have received a fax. She said in a strong tone, "well, did we call you?" I said, "no.." she said, "well I can't give you the results of it until you are called!" I said "no, you misunderstood me, I am here to have my blood drawn for TTS." Nurse, "what in the world is TTS?" I said, "Talent Testing Services. You guys should have gotten a fax with my info last week." After not even bothering to look in a file, she just said, "I have no idea what you are talking about!" Now she is actually kind of yelling at me at this point. "Can you please just look and see if perhaps you can find the fax in a file somewhere?" She just moved papers around on the desk and said "We never got that fax!" At this point, she is talking to me like I am a small child being scorned. I said "ok, never mind.. you didn't have to be so rude about it." I left and called TTS and explained to them what happened. They suggested another facility, but that location closes at 2pm so I decided to choose another place that I have gone for AIM testing back in April, on the other side of town. They went ahead and faxed my info to them. I showed up, and the lady recognized me from last time! I remember she was very friendly and she was again. I told her what happened, she apologized (having it been the same lab company) and made sure I felt comfortable. The only problem was that she was a bit confused as to the type of containers to be used for the TTS test, since they haven't yet received the materials. She called them and they got it all cleared up for her. I hope TTS is working hard to make sure proper materials are being sent to drawing facilities nationwide and that the lab companies are aware of the procedures.

Talent ID # 61758. Vicky Vixen

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